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K.C. Chiefs Youth Cheerleading


K.C.Chiefs Youth Inc.

is excited that we will be bringing on Cheerleading for our teams along with a Cheer Staff.


Our program is developed to mirror High School programs so they are prepared when our Athletes get to that level.


Currently we are offering programs for K-8 that we will be teaching them in Game Cheering, Sideline Cheering, Stunting, Tumbling, and Competitive Routines! 


We are also offering openings for those in 9th grade that are not already on a squad that meets the age cut off in order to train for their next level of excellence. 


Cheerleading Seasons will last from August 1st through November 12th 2022.  Practices will be 2x per week at our indoor facility in Liberty, MO.


The competitive competition will be held at the end of November, in which the cheerleaders will be required to participate in a fundraiser in order to fund the cost

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